Worthy Leadership Group’s (WLG) third arm of operation is Speaking. We provide inspiring and thought-provoking talks that leave audiences with actionable steps they can put into practice right away to improve the way they lead.

From universities, business and entrepreneurship to public and private sector issues, Worthy Leadership Group can speak on a variety of topics. Our dynamic presentation can be the highlight of any conference, keynote, or event.

Speaking Notes

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During an individual’s career, they will have various types of professional relationships. Two of the most critical are the Mentorship and Sponsorship relationships. While these may appear similar on the surface, they are vastly different from a developmental standpoint.

During this session, we provide clarity on these two relationships. Most importantly we teach you how to efficiently and effectively leverage both types of relationships.

Have you ever missed your opportunity to ascend within an organization? Have you been unable to properly assess the blind spots that hinder your professional growth?

Are you currently in a Good Job, but a Bad Fit? Have you ever tried so hard to position yourself for a promotion, project or team – all to no avail?

This session will present ideas to help you gauge your current state of self-awareness and personal strengths and opportunities. We help you outline your ideal future state while providing tools to close your personal and performance gaps.

What is control? Do we ever truly have control? Do you ever lose control? If you look up the phrase “define control” you will generate over 7 billion results in just 0.59 seconds. Our best definition of control is “the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.”

This power we call control is allusive and powerful, but it can also be instructive and constructive in the creative process. During this session, we discover the origins of control, why it is important to us, who has it, and how do they use it.

We discuss how to lose and regain control over life choices and careers.

Have you had a boss or co-worker that only cares about themselves? Have you ever been in a business deal where the other side holds all the cards and you feel helpless? Or the person who “listens” to you just long enough but gives rebuttal before you even finish your thought? These are consumers – they take without giving anything back.

During this session, you will learn about:

  • Consumerism — the belief that well-being and/or happiness depend on a level of personal consumption.
  • Learn that a consumerist society is one in which people devote a great deal of time, energy, resources, and thought to consume.
  • Quid pro quo means something given or received for something else.” With a consumerist mentality, there is only receiving of information.

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